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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

European terminology for European connections

If you made it this far, it means that, like us, you are not only interested in writing and translating, but you also care about correction and accuracy. Finding the right term in each language can be daunting, especially when one has to search the vastness of the internet without at least a compass to guide the way.

For this reason, this blog was created to share knowledge with fellow linguists and provide some trusted resources that you will hopefully find useful. The goal for this blog is to feature glossaries, dictionaries, guidelines, and other resources to help you on your journey as a language professional, or simply as a writing enthusiast.

Today’s entry is dedicated to a tremendously versatile terminology resource, IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe), the European Union terminology database. It “was launched in 1999 with the objective of providing a web-based infrastructure for all EU terminology resources, enhancing the availability and standardisation of the information.”

IATE is especially useful for terminology related to EU proceedings, but one can also find terms related to all kinds of disciplines and fields, from law to industrial engineering. This tool also provides links to real-life examples of the terms featured, together with a valuation of their reliability, which is especially useful when accuracy is a concern.

Conclusion: While the scope of the corpus can be somewhat limited, the number of languages supported and the trustworthiness of the sources make up for it. Particularly useful for institutional translations and sworn or certified translations.

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